Measuring Tips

Measuring Square Footage

When initially estimating the cost for materials of a project one of the most important pieces of information to know is how big the project will be. This measurement known as square footage, can quickly allow us to get an overall idea of how large or small a project will be and help us accurately price your personal estimate.

To calculate the square footage of a space you first need to measure out the two sides. One being the length and the other being the width. Once you determine the two measurements you take the numbers and multiply them together to get the square footage.

Area (Square Footage) = Length x Width

Square Footage Visual Representation

Now this is rather straightforward and simple when the room or project area is a perfect square or if it is a rectangle. But it can get a little more complicated when rooms or areas are circular, misshapen or if there is for example a closet in the room that you want to subtract from the measurement.

To learn how to do more complicated square footage calculations and for a more in depth how-to article please follow the link below.

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